Find a Mantra

Find a Mantra

Firstly, if you’re asking wtf is a mantra, its’ something that you say to yourself or out loud, A LOT. something that you want to embody into your belief system.

When I was around 21, I  used the mantra ‘I Love Me’, I would say it about everything, If I said something funny, If I did 3 shots in a row, if I got a bonus at work or if someone complimented me on my outfit. I used it about Me and Everything Fabulous I Did.

Now being a little later in life and haven’t spent years forgetting about how much I loved me.

Fast forward a few years and now I’ve embodied, I AM ENOUGH.

I’m also seeing this pop up everywhere and I love it. However for me, when Havening found me, I was emotionally at one of my lowest points.

Having the worthless emotions removed from my subconscious, we finished the session by putting in the good, I am Happy, I am Joyful…. I am Enough. I said it over and over again and still do, I say it in the shower, I say it when i brush my teeth, I have it written on my shower and I know deep down without a doubt that I Am Enough, I always have been and I always will be.

So darling, where will you write “I am enough/”

Here are some tips

  • Your bathroom mirror.
  • Your screen saver. (check out my Pinterest page)
  • Your computer screen.
  • Your car window screen.
  • Your fridge.
  • Set a reminder to go off every day/ night in your phone.
  • Put it on the back of your bedroom door
  • On your shower window.
  • Your computer at work.

Anywhere that you feel you need to. I’d love you to let me know where you do this, tag me on Instagram or send me and email in the contact section.


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