Create ‘Me Time’

Create Me time

You’re busy, I get it. But you ain’t too busy for you. You actually have time. You’re just not a priority. Ouch. Yep I said earlier I was giving it to you straight this month!

I work around the clock, I also have 4 paying jobs, not including my own business, I study and I’m a stella friend.

But I create space. Wednesday or sundays are block out days for me, Each week I have one or the other and I DO NOT schedule or plan anything, unless it involved something that I love, like paddleboarding with friends, beach hanging or brunch dates and waterfall chasing.

Reminder, I’m 28, single and can happily say, right now. Dating is not necessary a priority at the moment and I choose to date myself.

But I have very good Mumma -friends who also ensure they schedule metime, they talk to their partners about how and why it’s important and they’re partners respect that! They’re partners are also happy to know that it’s someway that they can help.

Weather it be a 20 minute bath, or reading your book, make a homemade face mask, or go to the movies with the girls. It’s your time.

I know for me, I take to nature. I always have and I always will. There is nothing better for me then standing barefoot on some grass, standing not smoking, but everything has its place, If rolling a marijuana cigarette is what gets you off, I and noone for that matter should stop you!

When will you create your own ‘MeTime’ ? I’d love to have you on this journey, reach out on Instagram and lets inspire each other.


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