Where I was Vs Where I am.

Justin Bieber, the first person who told me to go an love myself.

And Baby, didn’t I listen.

That was my anthem for a long time, literally on repeat mode, along with the female response of Fuck yourself.

So, why did I listen? 1.5 years ago I was in a dark space, dating a narcissistic man and although I knew the universe along with my heaven angels had my back, I didn’t love myself, I was in full self-sabotaging mode; always putting myself in the same old situations, never learning my lessons. Like a revolving door, but not getting off.

Until I found Havening Techniques;

September – ish 2016, Life in a nutshell was like a macadamia, the shell was hard, and my life was small. I had been seeing a guy for just over a year, conveniently he was also in a relationship with someone else; so, you can imagine the situation.And obviously, I didn’t know about ‘the other women’.

My friends and family also didn’t like his nature, nor want him in my life, Alarm bells?? yep, nope, couldn’t hear them

Being an extreme empath, pretty much all my life has brought me people who were broken, somehow I’m meant to fix them, and this was exactly that. So naturally, we were drawn to each other, now please understand. This man is a narcissist. Its not his fault. His dad is to, and this isn’t about him. I am so freaking grateful for him, for if it wasn’t for him, I probably just would have dated another wanker so my gratitude at this point is sky high!

Now I also didn’t know I was also broken, but this relationship defiantly broke the camels back. I’ve always been a shining light, I’ve always been able to light up a room as I walk in and I’ve always worn rose coloured glasses. Until my soul was crushed time and time again, I remember one time falling to the ground of my office in tears, the feeling of my heart being ripped out and feeling like my life was an utter mess. But, I’d go back into the same routine like nothing had happened, but a little piece of me would die.

So not listening to my intuition made me learn some lessons, now these were lessons from years of not learning, years of not putting myself first, years of living with anxiety and years of self-pity and victim state living!  Fortunately for this guy, I pretty much ducked and rolled myself out of there without making a scene. Well, it did take a few months and a few more hits to the head but once I did I was gone and never, ever looked back

So how I found havening, I was living in my small coast home town in NSW, things were pretty bad so I decided I would head to the Gold Coast for one week, I’d lived there before so was looking forward to it, plus I had a friend who was desperate for me to move there and help with her business. 

I was approaching my last days on the Gold Coast, sitting in a coffee shop, when a lady came and sat by my friend and I, they new each other so I was introduced to Karen, 

“Karen did that thing I was telling you about” That thing being ‘havening Techniques’

Karen, so divine and angel like, suggested if I had time we could have a session, I’d said I was leaving in 2 days. She said sure, tomorrow morning? Does that work? Nia can we come to yours?

So here I was, between two power house women, having no idea what I was in for, but knowing whatever Karen was on, I wanted some of that! We exchanged emails and she sent me some info, I remember sitting at Burleigh hill watching Dr. Ruden and thinking that looks easy and light, surely it’s too good to be true? 

Growing up I had a pretty great life, I now know My parents, bless them, did their best with what they knew at the time. But, in saying that I was one moody as hell teenager with some serious daddy issues!  But I also was carrying a lot of trauma.

Karen arrives, and we sit down.  I’d never told anyone about what I was carrying. Divine Karen, held the space, allowed me to be vulnerable and made me feel safe. As I went back to the traumatic event. Within about 25 minutes the memory was gone, wiped away and she even gave me the tools to use this gift on myself, WOW. Yep, WOW.

I then returned to my home town where I packed up my life and move to gold coast by myself, safe to say the drive was epic, I love a long drive! 16 hours of Ted Talks, singing, calling friends and enjoyable silence, my car is a total safe haven.

I stayed on my girlfriend blow up mattress in her lounge room for a few weeks whilst I trusted in the universe that it would all come together for me and it did.

I caught up with the divine Karen again, for coffee and she told me to haveners from the UK would be coming in 2 weeks to train on how to be a practitioner, I wanted in on this, Money was short, and Nia suggested she’d pay and I’d work it off in time! So, I said yes and that was November 24th, 2016

 I then was offered first choice on a unit by the beach where I would then live in for over a year by myself!  There is no better way to get to know yourself, then spending every day with your one and only!

So here I am, over 1 year on. With clients of my own, no relationship to hold me down, so strong and in love with who I am becoming.

This Blogs Mantra – “Each day is a blessing and I’m so grateful

Elle xox


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