Realising the biggest issue.

Elle-BreakthroughRetreat-67Not knowing where to start this has its pros and cons. But I have faith that in no time it will be flowing.

So where to start… I guess for me, the biggest issue that I believe is impacting that happiness of the humanity is knowing, believing and learning that we are enough. Something so simple and personally as I child I knew I was, I came into this world so lovable, I was even created by love. Yet along the roads of life, I was bullied, I then bullied and the world became a dark place. Being a teenager was kinda fucked for me and I know a lot of others would feel the same.

My parents divorced at 11, both remarried by the time I was 14. I decided to go to a high school with only 7 other students from my primary school. I then fell in love at first sight with a boy a few years older, which we then got banned from seeing each other, so naturally, I rebelled and my first love was a secret romance for years to come.

So maybe when it comes to loving myself, I  kept that love a secret too? It’s rather possible to create such a lack of confidence in love! We’re conditioned from our experiences, our brain is here to protect us? so it makes total sense.

So here I am, 28 and finally realized that maybe, quite possibly my relationship with love is just a puzzled mess of sneaking around and keeping secrets, because love isn’t meant to be talked about, love between two people has to be complicated in order for it to ‘work’. Til this point, this has seemed so normal to have this belief system. And by this point, I mean the moment I realized I was Enough, even more than that, I realized I am more than Enough and I am worthy of spending my life with another amazing human who also loves themselves. Because as the Divine Marisa Peer and my soul sister and mentor, Karen Hedges constantly remind me – You cannot love another til you love yourself, and another cannot love you till they love themselves.

The road hasn’t been easy. And I don’t believe the journey of self-discovery and complete self-love will ever be fully achieved, but I do know If my life in this body were to finish tomorrow, that I would be remembered for a woman who celebrated herself! so Fucking oath I believe I’m living a life of self-love!

My goal with this blog will be to have a self-love guide – So stay tuned beautiful. Continue working on yourself, showing up and being you!

This Blogs Mantra – “This is me, I’m Authenticity”

Love & light always



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